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Group Activities


Gold Coast Hamfest 2008

Club meetings

QDG first 2008 

First meeting of the new QDG March 2008

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  Bill VK4ZWJ       Paul VK4YBX     Bruce VK4TRS    Bruce VK4EHT          

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Jeff VK4TEK  Dan VK4  Alan VK4AAE

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 Richard VK4ZA  Gary VK4CUZ

2007 AGM

Committee meetings

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Richard VK4ZA  Ken VK4KWM  Bill VK4ZWJ

Xmas BBQ 2007


The QDG 2007 Xmas BBQ was held at the QTH of Ken VK4KWM

Digital ATV demo by Richard VK4XRL

May 16 2003

Digital ATV7c.jpg (34740 bytes)          Digital ATV4b.jpg (42014 bytes)        Digital ATV2b.jpg (53494 bytes)            Digital ATV6b.jpg (43104 bytes)

Richard VK4XRL      Digital Tx          Test pattern        Output waveform 

WinPack demonstration February 2004


Screen shot         Demo             In operation

Site visits

VK4RZA 2004


Equipment rack        Radio repairs        Bill, Ken & Arny   Gold Coast      Outside work



Bill, Nev & Alan       Repeater repairs


VK4RZD 2004


     KEN              Radio repair   radio repair            Tower


VK4RZC 2004


     Tower      147.600 MHz        Tower


J.O.T.A THE 16th AND 17th October 2004


JOTA HF Voice Calling Frequencies
3590, 7090, 14190, 21190, 28590 kHz
14290, 18140, 21360, 24960, 28390 kHz (DX)

We had a working bee at the site on Friday the 15th of October to prepare for the event.

The 16 and 17 th October 2004 saw the QDG involved in the Jamboree at BP Park at Samford. It started at 8:30 in the morning on Saturday and went on till early afternoon on Sunday. There was 300 scout campers there for the weekend.

I must say it is very satisfying working with young people and introducing them to the pursuit of amateur radio. It is all a bit of a mystery to them and it is a chance to introduce them to something you know about.

BP Park is in Cash avenue, which is just off the main road Samford Rd.

Many thanks to Richard Atkinson VK4ZA for organising and being the main operator for the weekend. Other helpers were VK4ZXI, VK4CUZ and VK4YAR

Gary VK4CUZ operating the station

JOTA report 2004

This year, the Jamboree camp at Baden Powell Park, Samford was attended by a high turnout of about 300 scouts, cubs, joeys. This number consequently caused this 2004 JOTA to be busy.
The problem was of manpower shortage at times. This limited the ability of the JOTA supervisor to give an introductory speech about radio transmission techniques and background. Also, because of this, only one operating room could be used during this shortage so 10 - 11 scouts had to fit in one room.

Contacts were mainly held on the high frequency bands of 40 and 20 meters to interstate stations. Contacts using 2 meter FM repeater via echolink were held. This function had to be switched on by arrangement with the provider of echolink for the duration of JOTA.

Technical problems were observed with equipment and noted for further action.

It is advisable to keep a JOTA station operating at night when the scouts are occupied by campfire activities. There is always enthusiastic older camp supervisors who like to visit the radio shack and experience the long distance capabilities of amateur radio when the band opens up. This of course is good publicity for Amateur Radio. This year, although stations from exotic places were received and copied, there was difficulty in contacting them. There were station pileups causing some situations but others were most probably caused by the mentioned equipment breakdowns.

The JOTI was held in a building far separated from the radio room this year so there were no problems with interference via RF into telephone lines. Echolink was to be used from this area but the expected operator didn't turn up.

The usual aspects of this activity cropped up with microphone fright and people being stuck for words. This was helped by putting a comprehensive help sheet in front of the children. Some, initially are more game than others and after they have a say, they encourage others to open up. One boy noticed the difference in some older 1940's 50's radio transmitter equipment. He was interested in seeing some home built apparatus. It was impressive. He was eight years old.

All in all, the scouts were introduced to another fun activity and they were seen to get as much enjoyment as from anything else at the camp.

Richard Atkinson, VK4ZA.

HAMFEST Lake Somerset 2006 April 01-02

This weekend was organized by the Dalby and Sunshine Coast Amateur Radio clubs

The location was the Lake Somerset Holiday Park


VK4YAR & VK4ZA       Setting up                                                                    Packing up

Heated discussion

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