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The following files are copyright Queensland Digital Group Inc. unless otherwise stated

Back to back cable from the 814/815 and link radio

CTCSS high pass filter

QDG 70 CM standard channels

PK 88 Interface to IC28

QDG standard transceiver wiring

QDG VHF & UHF diplexer VK4RZC

QDG VHF & UHF diplexer VK4RZA

MFJ1270 TNC upgrade to X1J firmware

QDG standard wiring - Digipeaters

PK-88 RFI crystal

PK-88 TNC frequency agile upgrade

Philips 814 digipeater link equipment interface

Repeater list (PDF)

Setup levels for NEC links

WICEN Rally Qld communications plan 2007

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