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Spam and Open Relay Blocking System  

Network Map

South East Queensland PACKET MAP 15 March 2008

Frequency                       BBS                                Digi (Node)            Comments

53.000 MHz

53.025 MHz

53.050 MHz

53.075 MHz

53.100 MHz

144.700 MHz                                                            VK4RWI                   Spring Hill WICEN

144.725 MHz                                                            VK4RZA                   Gold Coast

144.750 MHz

144.775 MHz                                                                                     

144.800 MHz                                                             VK4RBR                    Mt Gravatt Area (Keyboard)

144.825 MHz                    VK4WIP                             VK4RZD                    Ipswich Area / Toowoomba

144.850 MHz                                                             VK4RZB                    

144.875 MHz                                                                                

144.900 MHz                                                             VK4RZC                    Maleny Busy Northern Link

144.925 MHz                                                             VK4RZE                    Mowbullan

144.950 MHz                    cannot be used.                                                 Space Shuttle Link.

144.975 MHz                                                                                                               

145.000 MHz                                                                                                               

145.025 MHz

145.050 MHz                                                                                                          

145.075 MHz                    VK4WIP                            VK4RAI                     Ipswich Area

145.100 MHz

145.125 MHz                                                                                 

145.150 MHz                    VK4RZB-4                                                         Mt Cootha TCP/IP Only

145.175 MHz                    APRS                                APRS                        APRS Reserved

145.200 MHz

147.575 MHz                                                                                  

147.600 MHz                    VK4WIP                            VK4RZA/C/D/E           Wide Area

434.050 MHz                                                            VK4RZD-5/RZE-5       Ipswich/Mowbullan Fwd

434.075 MHz                                                            VK4RZA-5/RZF-5        SpringBrook (RZA), Boondall (RZF)

434.100 MHz                                                                                              ARPS          

434.125 MHz                                                             VK4RZC-5                          

434.150 MHz                                                                                              Spare

434.175 MHz                                                                                              Spare

434.200 MHz                                                                                 

434.225 MHz                                                             VK4RZC-10                Maleny

434.250 MHz                      VK4RZB-8                        VK4RZB-5                  9600 Baud - Mt Cootha

439.050 MHz                                                                                               Spare

439.075 MHz                                                                                               

439.100 MHz                                                                                               ARPS

439.200 MHz                                                                                               Spare

439.225 MHz                                                              VK4RZC-9                  Maleny

439.250 MHz                                                              VK4RZB-9                  SYSOP forwarding

1297.100 MHz                                                                                       


Links VK4RZA - VK4RZD (SpringBrook to Perseverance)
Links VK4RZA - VK2RPL (SpringBrook to Mt Nardi)
Links VK4RZF - VK4RZA (Boondal to SpringBrook)
Links VK4RZF - VK4RZB (Boondal to Mt Coot-tha)
Links VK4RZF - VK4RZC (Boondal to Maleny)
Links VK4RZF - VK4TX (Boondal to Bray Park)
Links VK4RZD - VK4RZE (Perseverance to Mt Mowbullan,1/2 Duplex)

Please click on the map for a larger image

                  Pictures of the repeater sites

Distances From Brisbane (North) (One Way)

VK4RZA = 2.5 Hrs 
VK4RZB = 45 Minutes
VK4RZC = 50 Minutes
VK4RZD = 2.5 Hrs
VK4RZE = 3.5 Hrs
VK4RZF = 15 Minutes
VK4RZG = 15 Minutes


VK4RZA - 44.136.141.xxx
VK4RZB - 44.136.138.xxx (VHF) 44.136.139.XXX (9K6)
VK4RZC - 44.136.143.xxx
VK4RZD - 44.136.145.xxx
VK4RZE - 44.136.146.xxx

Standard - VHF LAN is normally .100 eg VK4RZA =
UHF LAN (1200 Baud) is normally .150 eg
UHF LAN (9600 Baud) is normally .200 eg
Major Routers is normally .1 = (VK4RZB)

Updates/Corrections to "SP QDGCOM@VK4DGQ"
For Queensland Digital Group Inc.



VK4???-0 <== SSID for normal user or packet (Digipeater/Node)
VK4???-1 <== Official Bulletin Board System only (BBS's ONLY)
VK4???-2 <== Personal Message System only eg. (PMS/Mailbox's)
VK4???-3 <== Switch (normally used for switching ports on a digi)
VK4???-4 <== Special function (other types except what's mentioned)
VK4???-5 <== Reserved (used for multiple digi sites eg UHF)
VK4???-6 <== Mobile/Portable operation.
VK4???-7 <== General Use
VK4???-8 <== Netrom Nodes (eg BPQ nodes/Stations running Netrom 24hr)
VK4???-9.14 <== No official designated use (general purpose)
VK4???-15 <== Reserved (Gives this when netrom out from SSID=0

Information bought to you by Queensland Digital Group supporting digital
communications in Queensland. More info :- SP QDGCOM@VK4DGQ
Please contact QDG for any updates or corrections. 73's Ken VK4KWM

Brisbane Area WICEN Inc. Digipeater (Nodes) Frequency and TCP/IP Subnet Allocation

Site                  Callsign          Frequency (Baud)   TCP/IP Address       TCP/IP Routes

Springbrook     VK4RZA-0   144.725    (12)
Springbrook     VK4RZA-5   434.075    (12)
Springbrook     VK4RZA-3   147.600    (12)        INTERNAL                 NIL
Mt Cooth-tha   VK4RZB-4   145.150    (12)  
Mt Cooth-tha   VK4RZB-5   434.250    (96)
Mt Cooth-tha   VK4RZB-0   144.850    (12)         INTERNAL                NIL
Maleny             VK4RZC-0   144.900    (12)
Maleny             VK4RZC-3   147.600    (12)         INTERNAL                NIL
Maleny             VK4RZC-5   434.125    (96)
Maleny *          VK4RZC-9   439.225    (12)
Mt Percy..        VK4RZD-0   144.825    (12)
Mt Percy..        VK4RZD-3   147.600    (12)         INTERNAL                NIL
Mt Percy          VK4RZD-5   434.050    (12)
Mowbullan       VK4RZE-0    144.925    (12)
Mowbullan       VK4RZE-3    147.600    (12)         INTERNAL                NIL
Mowbullan       VK4RZE-5    434.050    (12)
Boondal           VK4RZF-5    434.075    (12)         INTERNAL                NIL

South East Queensland (Nodes) Frequency and TCP/IP Subnet Allocation

Nerang            vk4ttt-7       434.075    (12)  

* Maleny UHF 439.225 installed for Primary use (WICEN), but can be used off WICEN events.

TCP/IP use, due to it's routing nature can only be used on frequencies as per assigned eg to on 145.150 MHz.
This frequency is only for TCP/IP traffic, all other frequencies allow mixed use of  normal 
packet/netrom and TCP/IP.

WICEN UHF voice repeater network

VK4RZA    Output 438.100 MHz    Input 433.100 MHz    Springbrook

VK4RZB    Output 438.200 MHz    Input 433.200 MHz    Mt Cooth-tha

VK4RZC    Output 438.125 MHz    Input 433.125 MHz    Maleny

VK4RZD    Output 438.050 MHz    Input 433.050 MHz    Mt Perseverance

VK4RZG    Output 438.475 MHz    Input 433.475 MHz    Petrie

VK4RZB    Output 1273.400 MHz     Input 1293.400 MHz     Mt Cooth-tha

The above repeaters are linked, 60 second timeout, no tail and require a 91.5 Hz CTCSS tone for access.

WICEN use has priority at all times.

Repeater network connected to IRLP Node 6964 VK4BWI

Please click on the map for a larger image

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