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Members Photo's

VK4YAR  June 2005

QDG_185.jpg (154651 bytes)            QDG_194.jpg (59605 bytes)                              QDG_190.jpg (60607 bytes)                    

      VK4YAR antenna        VK4YAR 70cm / 2m antenna    VK4YAR 1.3m dish

Far-A-Way Sparkler Horse endurance event 2006

Some QDG and WICEN members helped out with communication for this event



The tree rides over the weekend were 40 km, 80 km and 120 km

Radio frequencies used were 2m, 70cm and backup UHF CB

FEI Endurance Ride at Nanango 2007

Gary VK4CUZ and Bruce VK4EHT were two of many that helped with communications for the event.

This international event had NZ, Asian, and Japan riders.
The King of Malaysia was one of the many competitors.


Bruce VK4EHT hard at work    Gary VK4CUZ at the checkpoint

WIA AGM 2007 at Parkes (The Dish)


 Receiver on test             Equipment on test and awaiting use


                                                        The Dish technical tour


               The Dish was still working while we toured


           Equipment in the Dish


   Visitors Centre           Small dish

Photos Alan VK4YAR

WIA AGM 2007 at Parkes


Kelly Reserve BBQ lunch

Photos Wayne VK4WES

WIA AGM 2007 at Parkes (The Dish)


ALARA members at the Dish                  Information            Old Receiver Cabin


Receiver    Test equipment


Col VK4VNE      Serendip        Equipment racks          At work


                                                                 On the Dish


                            On the Dish


                                                    The Dish in fading light


                                             The Dish working while we looked it over


Old controls            Visitor Centre

Photos Wayne VK4WES

See more at the Parkes Observatory Web site

Siding Springs May 2007


Photos Alan VK4YAR

VK4CUZ April 2008

Portable station in the Simpson Desert 

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