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Qld IP Subnet Page

Before you use any TCP/IP numbers you must obtain a number or numbers from the Queensland I.P. Co-Ordinator. Contact can be arranged by sending email to the QDG. In your email, you should include your callsign, hostname(s), full address details, frequency of transmission(s), number of IP numbers required, packet address and an email or phone contact number in case there are some problems and the I.P. Co-ordinator needs to contact you.


A list of the TCP/IP subnets in use or available for use in Queensland - Brisbane VHF SubNet (VK4RZB in/out 145.150 MHz @1k2 bps)
(Note: is the main gateway in South East Queensland) - Brisbane UHF SubNet (VK4RZB in/out 434.250 MHz @9k6 bps) - (Reserved) - Gold Coast area SubNet (VK4RZA) - (Reserved) - Sunshine Coast area SubNet (VK4RZC) - (Sunshine Coast LAN) (VK4RZS) - Darling Downs area SubNet (VK4RZD - Mt Mowbullan Area (VK4RZE) - Bundaberg, Maryborough area SubNet - (Reserved) - Rockhampton, Gladstone area SubNet - (Reserved) - Mackay, Sarina, Proserpine area SubNet - (Reserved) - Townsville, Charters Towers, Bowen area SubNet - (Reserved) - Cairns, Ingham, Cape York, Burketown area SubNet - (Reserved) - Mt Isa, Hughenden, Roma, Charleville area SubNet - (Reserved) - (Reserved) - (Reserved) - (Reserved) - (Reserved) - (Reserved) - (Reserved) - (Reserved) - (Reserved) - Test SubNet - Brisbane #2 VHF SubNet (VK4RZB in/out 145.150 MHz @1k2 bps) - VK4TTT#1 Network Traffic (share vk4rza-5 in/out 434.075 Mhz @1k2) - Spare - Static IP Encap Route

Note: Most Subnets are divided up as per the following:
(VK4RZB subnets use the full allocations)

          44.136.???.1 to 44.136.???.127     = VHF 1200 Baud
          44.136.???.128 to 44.136.???.191 = UHF 1200 Baud
          44.136.???.192 to 44.136.???.255 = UHF 9600 Baud


Mail server for all of 44.136.138/20 at
Converse Link 3600 (Net 1)
Converse Link 3600 (Net 2)

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