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VHF Activities

Ex QDG Inc. Radio Repeater and link sites



VK4RZA site April 2006

P07F.JPG (58536 bytes)P02F.JPG (63169 bytes)P01F.JPG (51567 bytes)P09f.jpg (62194 bytes)

VK4RZC radio and TNCs 2000

P15h.jpg (55014 bytes)P13h.jpg (76574 bytes)image10.jpg (19295 bytes)

VK4RZC site 2001


image13.jpg (20476 bytes)RZF1.jpg (15099 bytes)

VK4RZF Boondall site 2001

QDG _2.jpg (52235 bytes)QDG _1.jpg (45404 bytes)QDG _3.jpg (44415 bytes)   

VK4RZD site January 2002 showing the multi-coupling of all the equipment, except one link, into two antennae

QDG Mow _1.jpg (46605 bytes)QDG Mow _2.jpg (36439 bytes)

VK4RZE 2002

Club pictures

Gold Coast Radio & Electronics Fair 2005

Display at BARCfest 2000


image19.jpg (23073 bytes)

Some well known members

John VK4CJO, Alan VK4YAR, Brian VK4BBS


Members pictures


QDG_185.jpg (154651 bytes)            QDG_194.jpg (59605 bytes)              QDG_190.jpg (60607 bytes)                    

           antenna        70cm / 2m antenna            1.3m dish                       Looking South

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