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WTR-2407 - 2.4GHz 7dBi mobile Wireless LAN Antenna

This is a low cost 360 degree WiFi antenna that can be used mobile or indoors to increase the coverage of a base station or client using 802.11b/g, Bluetooth® or other equipment using the 2.4 GHz ISM band.
The antenna incorporates a magnetic base with 1.5 metres of RG174 coax cable that is terminated with an RF connector, eliminating the need for a separate radio pigtail adapter. The antenna I tested came with a RP-TNC connector but RP-SMA connectors are also available.
This marvellous antenna is very good value for money at Aus $30.00 as it is far cheaper than many other commercial products.
The antenna worked as advertised as long as you deduct the coax loss from the antenna gain. This as a superb antenna that is just what you want for checking out the wireless activity while mobile (wardriving). If you need extra gain from a fixed computer it would pay to shorten the coax as much as you can to minimise coax loss and maximize gain.
The antenna gain compensates for the coax loss so that the antenna radiated power tested at approximately the same as a dipole antenna; this is perfectly OK for its intended purpose as a mobile antenna and is better than many included PCI card or base station antenna.

Under test the incorporated magnetic base held the antenna to my car roof in excess of 100km per hour, this is far faster than I would normally wardrive.

Test equipment comprised a Cisco 1200 series wireless base station, Cisco 340 series Client card, Fluke
Etherscope with wireless option, Airmagnet card and software and various laptop wireless adaptors running Net
Stumbler and client software.

Information from importers site
The importer's web site will give further information

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Alan Wills VK4YAR
January 2006

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