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For Sale

QDG trading table

Sound Card to Radio Interface

Richard VK4ZA has done a great job designing and assembling these kits.
You can now order a kit at Aus $55.00 pick up, add $10.00 packing and posting for delivery.

Prices as at August 2005, please check on Richard's web site.

For more information please visit VK4ZA's web site.

Members sales

While this FOR SALE Service is for Financial Members... ANYONE can buy.  It's ANOTHER good reason for joining the QDG



For sale Items are to be emailed to the QDG you need to be a member or come to an arrangement with a committee member.

The QDG does not take any responsibility for incorrect listings but will try
to keep mistakes to a minimum
The QDG takes no responsibility for any items sold
Any contract entered into is between the seller and the buyer only

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are frequent.

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