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VHF Activities

Brisbane VHF Group Antenna day July 2004

AS you can see, this is a typical mid winter day in Brisbane Australia


Alan VK4AAE      Mark Allen       Nick VK4NJE        1.2 GHz Yagi on test       SHF test setup      VHF setup
                                                     Gary VK4CUZ              



Doug VK4OE                       2.4 GHz                     1.2 GHz loop Yagi       VK4AAE antenna    VHF testing
BVHFG President     Waveguide on test



SHF testing         Col VK4ACG       2.4 GHz gridpack    Jason  VK4YHO      reference dual dipole   VK4OE mobile



dual dipole               Setup                 SHF test           Working         ZL special           Break           3 el loop



2M Yagi          2M Yagi test    2M ref ant    2M loop Yagi  2M 3 el loop    8 el 2M loop 



 2.4 GHz test        One must work       1.2 GHz Yagi    1.2 GHz & 2.4 GHz ref

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