WICEN  Brisbane

Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network - QLD (VK4) - Brisbane


Tom Quilty Gold Cup 2008


WICEN members operate check points at Nanango

Australia's Premier Endurance Ride was held at Nanango 18 - 22 September 2008

Brisbane WICEN was there to man checkpoints sending ride times to Ride Base
manned by David VK4DCG and Shirly VK4HSG at Nannago Show Grounds. John VK4IE
and Rob VK4HBW operated a database at Ride Base.

Checkpoint 1 was manned by Gary VK4CUZ, Shirley VK4HSG and Bruce VK4EHT
strating at 3:30 AM.
A local resident offers hot coffees to the team.

Other checkpoints and repeater were manned by Alan VK4AL, Matthew VK4MAT,
Brian VK4XS & Tim, Gary VK4ZGB & Dennis, Ross VK4WRC, Miles VK4FUST, Tom
VK4TY & Syris, Simon VK4TSC

The last check point (known as "Strapper Call") was manned by Gary VK4CUZ
and Bruce VK4EHT after CP1 duties were completed.
A violent storm with some hail interruped the ride on the Saturday night.
The ride continued after the storm and finally finished at about 5AM Sunday.

Joy's Grid Checkpoint, manned by Gary, VK4ZGB, Denis and Tricia.
This control was operational from 0315 saturday morning until 1530 saturday afternoon.
The competitors passed this location 3 times during the event.

Gary VK4ZGB ready to operate at "Half past dark".

The Joy's Grid setup in daylight.


Fly the flag.

Miles VK4FUST and vet.

Miles VK4FUST on air.

Ross VK4WRC.

Ross VK4WRC on air.


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