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South East Queensland BBS


Network Information

Network Map

Repeater list (PDF) Old

BBS Systems in South East Queensland Area

4 April 2009

VK4WIP - Ipswich Area BBS

                                             - 144.825 MHz (Shares VK4RZD )
                                             - 145.075 MHz LAN Frequency
                                             - 147.600 MHz Forward


145.175 MHz - Reserved for APRS systems only.

144.800 MHz - Reserved for simplex contacts (no BBS)


Many stations are putting at the end of their messages where there home BBS is. Please note the use of SSID's
in this address is INCORRECT. SSID's do not form part of the packet address i.e. "-1". Please ask your sysop, of
the proper full addressing for your BBS.

Many packet operators have asked what frequency to use for simplex contacts? As shown above 144.800 MHz
has been left clear, so that binary transfers etc can be done without slowing BBS channels.

VK4RBR Digipeater is on 144.800 MHz to assist with keyboard to keyboard contacts. This frequency has NO BBS's, it is for users only. More Info on VK4RBR, please contact City Of Brisbane Club, who also operate VK4WIE.

*** Please keep off the BBS channels if doing large transfers ***

* Maleny UHF 439.225 installed for Primary use (WICEN), but can be used off WICEN events.

TCP/IP use, due to it's routing nature can only be used on frequencies as per assigned eg to on 145.150 MHz.
This frequency is only for TCP/IP traffic, all other frequencies allow mixed use of  normal 
packet/netrom and TCP/IP.

Many Brisbane Area WICEN Inc. sites are now linked via full duplex links which link the above sites (hidden to users).

A "?" after connection to a node will give you a list of the commands.

Also see the Network Map


Mt. Gravatt 2.4 GHz node now operational, this is run in conjunction with brismesh and the City of Brisbane Radio Society.

WICEN UHF voice repeater network

VK4RZA    Output 438.100 MHz    Input 433.100 MHz    Springbrook

VK4RZB    Output 438.200 MHz    Input 433.200 MHz    Mt Cooth-tha

VK4RZC    Output 438.125 MHz    Input 433.125 MHz    Maleny

VK4RZD    Output 438.050 MHz    Input 433.050 MHz    Mt Perseverance

VK4RZG    Output 438.475 MHz    Input 433.475 MHz    Petrie

VK4RZB    Output 1273.400 MHz     Input 1293.400 MHz     Mt Cooth-tha

The above repeaters are linked, 60 second timeout, no tail and require a 91.5 Hz CTCSS tone for access.

WICEN use has priority at all times.

Repeater network connected to IRLP Node 6964 VK4BWI

Please click on the map for a larger image

                    Pictures of the repeater sites

Also see Network Map

                   Qld IP Subnet Page

                   Help page

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